We thought we’d tell you a little about us, so you know who you are dealing with.

Magda and Adam Watson

We started our air conditioning business on the Gold Coast in 2009. We set up Thermal Care to provide air conditioning and refrigeration services to local commercial and residential customers.

In 2012 we met John Sanders and Sharon Jurd who were pioneers in the air conditioner cleaning industry here in Australia. We were so impressed with the difference HydroKleen does that we decided to buy a franchise and add it to our existing business so we could offer this great service our families, friends and customers. We purchased HydroKleen Gold Coast North in 2014 and never looked back!

We are also proud parents of a toddler and we want the best for our family. The idea of good indoor air quality became paramount as soon as he was born and we brought him home. As a parent you can never be too careful! You would never allow a person to cough or sneeze directly into your child’s face…so why let your air conditioner?

Next time you turn on your air conditioner, take a moment and think. It is really worth the health risk?

Joseph Mcphillips

Joseph joined our team as a lead technician and service manager in 2014 but he is so much more! He has a true passion for educating our customers and everyone around him about the importance of cleaning air conditioners and breathing clean air indoors. Customers love his friendly approach, excellent technical skills and of course the jelly beans he always leaves behind!

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