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You’ll be surprised what can live inside an air conditioner. Cleaning the air conditioner’s filters is not enough, you need to look beyond the filters to see what really lurks. Air conditioning systems can be much worse for your health than dirty carpets. Contaminants such as mould, fungi, DNA, pet dander, dirt, dust, cigarette toxins, dead and alive animals only to name some contaminants are found in air conditioners and can make you sick. When tenants vacate, the air conditioning systems need to be decontaminated ready for the new tenant to breathe healthy air and this means cleaning and sanitising all components including the coil fins, barren fan, louvers, drain and chassis


If you are a landlord (refer Rental Tenancy Act ) or manage a property or workplace (refer Workplace Health & Safety Act) you need to be aware that you have a statutory obligation to properly maintain and provide clean air from the air conditioning systems.

You should consider engaging a professional air conditioning cleaning company to properly maintain and sanitise the air conditioning systems and always schedule a clean and sanitisation upon a tenant vacating. It’s also important you check the professional cleans in accordance with Australian Standard AS 3666.2-2002. – * (HydroKleen air conditioning cleaning and sanitising specialists are the only company approved by the National Asthma Council Australia’s Sensitive Choice Program and they clean in accordance the the AS 3666.2-2002).

Penalties may be enforced for non-compliance of the regulations and can leave the property owner/manager liable for civil action should a tenant or worker lodge a claim for becoming sick from a poorly maintained air conditioning system.


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